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The WiRa Home Track is Ready to Race!

The WiRa Home Track is Ready to Race! At the start of 2020 we had big plans to launch our remote racing league... Who would have known that at the very same time the entire world would be hit by a catastrophic pandemic causing crippling lock-downs; resulting in a halt to our Roadmap.

In January RCRacingTV covered the IFMAR world finals in Milton Keynes, UK. It was the first time such a grand event had taken place here in circa 30 years, and we were ready to go, planing for a March kick-off.

Unfortunately businesses were forced to shut, life as we knew it stopped, and we ourselves were suspended from using our newly acquired base in London!

Our last website article was posted almost 9 months ago; even that we have been throwing updates out on social media, we felt that holding tight on the homepage was the way to go, so a sincere apology to anyone who passed by thinking we had packed up and moved away - I can confirm this is certainly not the case. ...

RCRacingTV streaming IFMAR 2020

... Mark Williamson, the chairman of the CP track has now given us permission to run user-tests, this means that via the WiRa website, you will soon be able to join the queue system and have a go at pinging our cars around the actual track!

Right now, as it stands there is a 1/12th car on a stand, in a workshop, that has been running for the last year (yes, continuously on for 1 year via AC power), which can be accessed and controlled via the "Race Live" link - if you haven't had a go already, please sign up and test out your performance (in terms of video lag).

We are working on an interface which will allow connection of conventional RC controllers to drive the car, as the Keyboard method (which is the most widely supported) only has full lock - perfect for testing, not so much in a real-race environment.

There will also be an update to the interface, which allows full-screen mode and lots of cool statistics such as a Speedometer and remaining power ba ...

WiRa 1/12 at the CP track in January


So... if you haven't already, sign up and give the car a run! ...

Live BETA of the Web Interface

... ...

WiRa user test car in the Workshop


Speed and control run around CP

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