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AJ Cannot fail - it's impossible!

It was 2016 when I first met AJ: between the engine screams and nitro fumes at the NEO Buggy '16 stood an up-and-coming young lyrical genius who had both the energy and charisma to go head-to-head with the legendary Nick Daman on the mic (I didn't even think this was possible).

We hit it off straight away and our friendship was born. It grew stronger on every event we covered together, including Sweden (where I first met the greatly missed Dallas Mathiesen) alongside James Parry and the IFMAR worlds in Italy with veteran Frank Mckinney.

For me personally, AJ has been one of the easiest commentators to work with.

As a camera operator the difficulties covering live events can't even be explained in brief, but think of it like this: you're looking through a lens (or at a small LCD screen) for hours at a time, concentrating on a small area of coverage without having a clue what is happening anywhere else on the track. There are scale cars whizzing past at c ...

AJ Can't Fail, it's impossible

...razy speeds, a lot of which have very similar colour body shells and unreadable numbers with the only information received via a small earpiece that feeds back the live audio-stream.

Without a great commentator directing the camera, you get lost and end up filming the burger-stand while thinking "I'm soooo hungryyyy"... AJ would always make sure that I was aimed at the action with comments that appear natural to the viewing public, but which were actually aimed at me "now we're following XYZ in the light blue and green body shell, headed up around the ABC turn followed closely by DEF in the yellow and orange".

Sadly for us at RC Racing TV it wasn't too long after this that AJ flew the nest and started to concentrate on other avenues (he is greatly missed, and there's a rumour that Mat McCallum would trade his left nipple to have him back) - luckily for myself however one of these avenues just happened to be eSports!

Now a days AJ can be found travellin ...

Twitch is just one of many platforms

...g around the country covering his "Another Station, Another Mile" series (which concentrates on the British rail network), visiting various Wrestling events, playing awesome retro gaming machines, and of course - LIVE STREAMING MOTOR SPORTS ON TWITCH!

"So?" You might be thinking. "Loads of people do this", may be your reply...

Well what makes AJ stand out from the crowd? The fact that he not only has brilliant knowledge of gaming and cars, but that he is absolutely hilarious and really gets viewers involved in the racing.

You see, it's not just about sharing your screen and driving a car around a track, it's about the interactivity involved. AJ has a webcam aimed at himself (while sat in his gaming char with steering wheel) so you can see his reactions during a crash, during a win, and every now and then during a spin-out. This together with awesome commentary and interactive live chat just creates the perfect viewing experience.

We see ...

Make sure to follow AJ

... a great future together, and are extremely happy and honoured to announce that very very very soon (literally around the corner), you, at home, wherever it may be in the world, will be able to compete on the same track as AJ, live, as part of WiRa!... just be warned, he's frickin good!

[ Of course, as his sponsor, we can be called biased in opinion, but caring about what other people think has never been on my priority list - so just to make it clear: AJ DA BOMB YO, GO FOLLOW HIM Y'ALL HEAR ME?! ]

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/ajcantfail
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCp2XTtdugjmgcfJZ2Sn2Tg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajcantfail
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajcantfail




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