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Wireless Racer® (WiRa™) is kicking off to present to you the future of gaming! We have developed the power to have physical control of a gaming unit through software and a data connection. In your hands we integrate a digital presence within a physical body: for the birth of an evolution in the interactively-limited world of gaming!

Ever sat in front of your game console and wished that you could actually control in real life, what you were controlling on the screen!? Make it a little bit more fun, skilled, relatable!? Well enter – WiRa. We offer you the opportunity to race real, physical, remote control cars around a large RC Racing style track.

To be a part of this with us and come along for the ride, sign up!

Wireless Racer®
United Kingdom

Why WiRa™?

We've been Researching, Developing, Making Contacts, Tracking Technological Advancements (CPU, GPU, Internet Speeds) and firing up for the perfect moment to accelerate since 2013. That time is here.

Handbreak down, 1st gear, go!

Our Team

There are always Key Players behind every start-up. Specialists covering the major angles in order to stay ahead of the game. Here's who we are:

Jaan Ergin, MSc. BA (Hons).
Founder / CEO
Henry Pye
Right Hand (21mBTC)
Eaze Dijital
Host / Presenter (WiRa.TV)
Nick Daman, BSc.
Specialist Advisor (RC Racing TV)
Tai Kersten
Specialist Advisor (Proof Suite)
Scott Pratt
Specialist Advisor (LFC)


Everything chromium, from Mobiles to Smart TVs! Our browser-based version works in Chrome, Firefox, and a few others (however it's buggy in Edge). We also have stand-alone Software for Windows, Mac and Linux.
We have our own Cryptocurrency, an ERC-20 Token which we will use as the credits mechanism amongst a range of other avenues.
Latency will always exist in some way or another, at some point or another. If you're in an important race, close down all other internet-hungry applications to ensure that the maximum bandwidth is provided to your WiRa connection.
> CPU: i5, GPU: GTX260, RAM: 8gb, NET: Cabled, Fibre.

Contact us

If you have any questions, just send us an email and don’t forget to follow and like all our social accounts to keep updated. We’re always looking for new individuals and teams to work with, just send us and email and we’ll get back to you!

General inquiries
Vincent - PRM

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